Art Nouveau Crocus Bowl

First in my series of art nouveau incised earthenware pottery bowls. This is a crocus pattern that was inspired by a pressed glass bowl that I found at Goodwill for 59 cents. Dean threw the earthenware bowl and I incised. We need to bisque fire and then glaze, I am thinking a celadon green for the outside and ivory in the inside. Nice subtle colors that will bring out the details nicely.

Art Nouveau Crocus Bowl

Art Nouveau Crocus Bowl

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  1. Ellie Julier Says:

    Hi Carrie–

    I was googling “art nouveau crocus” and came across your beautiful pot! I’m beginning to think seriously about tattooing a cluster of either crocuses or snowdrops on the inside of my left ankle, and I would be just thrilled if the flowers looked like what you etched in clay. I see from your blog that you are an old hand at drawing flowers. I was wondering if I could commission a few drawings from you that I could use for my tattoo. Please email me–I look forward to hearing from you!



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