Sarah Palin?? pafiffle! I am sad that 1) she is the best that the republicans can come up with and 2) that it seems that her only credentials are that she is female. Good for you McCain, keep running your campaign into the ground!

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  1. zigwig Says:

    Hi ModernNeedlepoint,

    I would like to make a custom request, but not sure how that works on Etsy – I tried but it looks as though it was going to go public on Alchemy, when I just wanted it to go to you.

    I love your stuff – and I like your thoughtful blog too. I am not really into traditional needlepoint, but I love your modern approach to it. One of my Austrian cousins does traditional needlepoint, and I just visited them this summer and am fascinated by their stuff. I photographed her needlepoint and am creating a multi-media collage out of it.

    I was hoping to get your “Pebbles” cuff in custom colours. Is it possible to get it in brown as the framing colour, with off-white and/or white as the highlight colour, and then bright orange and deep purple as the hits of colour? I leave the arrangement up to you, I just love brown, orange, and purple.

    I can go over Etsy to pay, I am just not sure how to get the custom order in. $90 is what you are asking for the prototype Pebbles cuff.

    I also have a new niece, so I am thinking about one of your baby sun hats. She lives in Tucson, so that would be perfect. (I live in beautiful, but rainy Vancouver Canada).


  2. carrie Says:

    Hey there! I emailed you details at your Yahoo account – I look forward to working with you!

  3. Dad Says:

    We can see Russia from our house too!!!!!

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