crochet easter bonnet with pansy

About 4 years ago in 2008 I first made this cute little crochet Easter bonnet. I was messing around making hats and made this one without writing my pattern down. I also used a pansy flower design that was not my own. So, fast forward to 2012 and I finally have created the pattern using my original pansy flower design!

As you can see from the comments on this post, I am WAY overdue!

You can purchase this pattern several places:

On Ravelry:
On Etsy:
On Craftsy:

Here are pictures of my new design:

Carrie Wolf - Toddler Easter Crochet Bonnet with Pansy

Carrie Wolf - Toddler Easter Crochet Bonnet with Pansy

Here are the pictures of my original prototype, the hat is the exact same one as above except this hat below does not have my original pansy:

Carrie Wolf - Toddler Easter Crochet Bonnet with Pansy

Carrie Wolf - Toddler Easter Crochet Bonnet with Pansy

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32 Responses to “crochet easter bonnet with pansy”

  1. saida Says:

    dnne moi le patron des bonnets

  2. Laura Riggs Says:

    How can I get a copy of the crochet pattern for this hat?? PLease send me the info. thanks Laura

  3. Lily Says:

    Could you please send me the pattern of the
    Easter bonnet with Pansy. It is to cute. I have
    a niece that will love it.
    Thank you,

  4. Cheryl Vinson Says:

    I love the hat. Would you please send me the pattern. Thank you.



  5. Ramona Says:

    Could I have this pattern too? It would look beyond cute on my niece!

  6. Teri Says:

    Do you have a pattern for this adorable bonnet. I would love to make one for my daughter….

  7. amelouche Says:

    It’s verry nice and sont butiful! Can Youcef send me the patturn please ? thank you.

  8. Helene Auger Says:

    Id’love to have the pattern

  9. Daisy_2810 Says:

    Please send me also the pattern đŸ™‚ I’m going to my three year old niece on birthday and didn’t have any idea about the present đŸ™‚ until I saw this beautiful hat. Please send me the pattern if you can. This is my email

  10. Daisy_2810 Says:

    I’d also love to have this pattern so please be so kind đŸ™‚

  11. jezmina Says:

    hi!, i like this patterns, i live in chile I don’t very good english.

  12. Ramona Says:

    Could I have this pattern? I’d LOVE to make it for my daughter for Easter!

  13. Crystal Woolley Says:

    I would love to have the pattern to make the Easter bonnet with pansy.

    Thanks so much!

  14. Dona Says:

    Where can I get this pattern?

  15. rachel Says:

    Awwww please could have he pattern for this hat, its gorgeous. My daughter has an easter bonnet parade soon. Many thanks.

  16. Jodi Taylor Says:

    This hat is beautiful. Do you have a pattern? I would love to make it for my daughter.

  17. marilyn wright Says:

    i love this hat where can i get this pattern please.

  18. Malena Butler Says:

    Please, I would love to get the patterns, thank you so much..!!

  19. Kenn Splitt Says:

    Can you please tell me where I can purchase a completed hat? GRANDFATHERS don’t usually crochet! My three year old grand-daughter would love one of these hats

  20. Diane Says:

    Love this easter bonnet, could you pls send me a copy of the pattern too! Thanks so much.

  21. Diane Says:

    would love to have this pattern also!

  22. Kathy Says:

    Love this pattern. Could you please sendmethe pattern?

  23. Susan Elmali Says:

    I would love this pattern please. My granddaughter pictured loved it. Thank you

  24. Sara Says:

    Ur pattern is fab I have made a wonderful easter bonnet for my little girl can send u photo if u like x

  25. Iris Says:


    Me encantĂ³ el sombrerito, como puedo tener el patrĂ³n del mismo??? serĂ¡ que podrĂ­an enviarme al correo.

    Mil gracias desde ya!… es hermoso felicidades por tanta creatividad!.

  26. jeanne gross Says:

    such a cute little hat even for an older person like me. I am like the others that has commented would you please send me the pattern…i really wold appreciate it. THANKS!

    Jeanne Gross

  27. Patricia Drake Says:

    So gorgeous. Please send me the pattern.

  28. Lisa Floyd Says:

    Too cute! May I have the pattern?

  29. SueRubenstein Says:

    I really like the hat i need to make 3 would you please send me the pattern

  30. Createurs de Luxe Says:

    Createurs de Luxe…

    Crochet Pansy Easter Bonnet |…

  31. Enid Harland Says:

    I love this hat my little granddaughter would love it .Please would you send me a copy

  32. carolee petrey Says:

    Hi, please send me this prety hat pattern.

    thank you so much.


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