Needlepoint Monarch Butterfly

This butterfly has been in the chrysalis of my mind for the past 5 years. I am very happy to see that he has finally emerged in such a beautiful way!

Carrie Wolf Needlepoint, Monarch Butterfly Design

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  1. April Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    What have you been stitching lately?
    Up here in Canada the snow is flying…it’s perfect weather for getting cozy by the fireplace and working on some stitchery.
    Hope you are doing well.

  2. April Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    Me again. I forgot to ask you if you know about this website:
    I’m sure people would love to buy your designs!

  3. Carrie Says:

    Hey there! I have actually been working on setting up my Etsy store to start selling some items. I will put a post out here when it is ready to go so you can take a look. I have also taken up crochet – it is nice to be able to finish an item in a matter of hours rather than days/weeks/months/years like needlepoint! But, nothing will replace needlepoint in my heart. Crochet has been nice to alternate with needlepoint and I am finding that I am actually spending more time stitching than ever before as I am able to sustain more creative energy. We have 80’s down here in Austin, TX – not very holiday-like, I would love some snow!!!

  4. April Says:

    80’s eh? WOW! It’s hard to imagine when we had freezing rain today…everything is coated in a film of ice. I’ll trade you some snow for the ability to grow the plants that you can in Austin’s climate.

    I love your new pincushion!

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  6. Madeleine Booth-Smits Says:

    Hello, i just love this butterfly!! you are very talented. Butterflies have a very special place in my heart. The theme at our wedding was even butterflies. anyways I have recently started enjoying cross stitch and I can across your lovely piece. How can i buy a pattern to do this one myself? i would just so love to make one of my own. thank you.
    kind regards,

  7. butterfly photos Says:

    butterfly photos…

    […]Needlepoint Monarch Butterfly |[…]…

  8. Virginia Says:

    Do you sell the pattern for this? It is beautiful and I would love to make one.
    Thank you.

  9. Jennifer Neal Says:

    Hey Carrie,

    Do you have a pattern to follow for the Monarch Butterfly?

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