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In viewing Mike Wallace’s interview with Ahmadinejad this evening, I am appalled at the righteous tone and cranky handling of the leader of another country by Mike Wallace. Wallace comes off as if nothing that the president of Iran has to say is valid. If this is the case, why interview him in the first place. Wallace’s derision of Ahmadinejad is disrespectful and typifies the lack of willingness to understand other peoples that President Bush and many Americans seem to have.

I am very disappointed that all I have come away with from this exchange, is that yet again Americans look like a bunch of puffed up buffoons to other countries. We like to think that we are morally superior, yet in this example, Wallace falls very short and only looks like a foolish, cranky old man that is badly in need of a nap.

This was a hugely wasted opportunity by CBS, 60 Minutes and Mike Wallace in getting some valid and pertinent information to the US viewers. Thanks for the crappy and sensational reporting – I will happily go back to only listening to NPR for real journalistic reporting.

Lost viewer in Austin, TX – Carrie

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  1. Mark Says:

    Oh, boy are you right!!!

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