Great summer recipe – Grandma Saari’s Chicken Salad

This is an awesome meal during these incredibly hot months, eating it actually makes you feel cooler. This recipe is an adaptation of the chicken salad that my grandma made for my mom and I the last time I was up in Duluth, MN.

1 cup chopped celery
1/2 cup diced bell pepper (green, red, orange – one or all three for more color)
2 cups seedless purple grapes – halved
3 chicken breast halves – baked (20 min @350 degrees) – cubed
4 cups (dry) organic Fusilli – or any kind of pasta you prefer – cooked of course
1 cup mayo
Garlic salt, onion salt or dried shallots and pepper to taste

Mix together in a large bowl – refrigerate and enjoy!

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