Blue Owl Crochet Purse

So I am in love with little metal sew-on purse frames, they work wonderfully with my fine gauge crochet. Here is my first owl purse, I am working on a green one right now. I am hooked.

Crochet Blue Owl Purse

4 Responses to “Blue Owl Crochet Purse”

  1. Rae Bosson Says:

    I love owls as well. Would you be so kind as to share your beautifl pattern with me? I’m an avid crocheter and I love to find new a fun patterns to chalenge myself. Thanks so much, Rae Bosson

  2. Patricia Says:

    My mother collects owls and I love this purse. I would love to make one for her and one for myself. How can I get the pattern?


  3. Jan Says:

    very nice. Would like the pattern.

  4. Jan Says:

    very nice. How can I get the pattern?

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