UPDATE New Crochet Purse – product shots

I have completed the pattern for this awesome purse! I am working it up in black and slate gray and they looks amazing. Here is the post of the black purse.

Purchase this crochet purse pattern here!

Would you like to know how I inserted the zipper and lining into this purse? Here is a tutorial on how to do this!

Started this Friday and finished Saturday, crocheted with Dark Olive Hilos La Espiga nylon no.18. I took my favorite leather purse and created a template for me to crochet.

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35 Responses to “UPDATE New Crochet Purse – product shots”

  1. Kim Says:

    Nice purse.
    Are you able to post a pattern?

  2. Britany Furlong Says:

    I love this purse! I want it!! You should make me one!

  3. Anna karolczak Says:

    Oh this is what I have been looking for. i want a black one. I just love it! Do you do them and sell?

  4. roja Says:

    i like this bag.i want to do .can u post the pattern.thank you

  5. alicia kordish Says:

    Really like this would love the pattern how can i get it?

  6. Maj Says:

    Hi I agree love it. So how can I get the pattern??

  7. carrie Says:

    Hi all – thanks so much for your interest in my purse! I have had it on my list for ages to sit down and create the pattern for this as I did it completely on the fly and did not make any notes when I made this one. I will update with a post when I finally get this done. Thanks again! Carrie

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  9. Yvon-Cheryl Says:

    This bag is really beautiful!
    I love the shape of this bag; is it possible to send me the pattern of the bag by e-mail?
    I would like to try to crochet this bag with plastic bags (recycle) and I’m searching for a pattern like this!
    Thank you very much.

  10. Yvon-Cheryl Says:

    Can you send me a picture of the bottom (and side) of the purse?
    Then I’ll try to create the pattern and send it back to you.

  11. Lorraine Says:

    Love the purse. I as well would love the pattern.

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  13. Kamie Says:

    Could you tell me how I can get a pattern for this purse? Thanks

  14. sweta Says:

    its very nice.plz tell me how i can get this pattern?

  15. Frankie Allen Says:

    love this bag and would love to get the pattern for it. This is a gorgeous assessory for the spring/summer.

  16. Sara Says:

    HEY, ive been searching the internet for a pattern for something like this for weeks!
    really love it if you could send or post a pattern!

  17. Christine Says:

    I love that you used your old purse as a pattern. That’s also a great idea for making clothes. Old clothes can be taken apart and the pieces used as pattern templates.
    I love the colour you chose for this bag too. Two thumbs up!

  18. riaha Says:

    can you send me the pattern

  19. Diana Says:

    Can you send me the pattern? I really like this purse.

  20. Kathleen Owen Says:

    A perfect purse! I’d love to have the pattern – please let me know when it is available.

    Thanks much!

  21. Amber Says:

    What kind of yarn did you use to make this? It’s lovely.

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  23. Gail Says:

    Where can you get this nylon yarn…I love the purse

  24. carrie Says:

    Hi Gail, I purchase this nylon online here:

    Thanks! Carrie

  25. Marlene Says:

    What are the measurements of the purse?

  26. carrie Says:

    The finished purse is 6 inches tall, 7 inches wide, with 3 inch gusseted sides and 3 inch wide bottom that makes it very roomy inside.

  27. Val Says:

    How many rolls of yarn did you use per purse? Thanks so much!

  28. Val Says:

    Zipper Info- There are zippers made for purses- they have a bigger pull tab (easier to grab than pulls meant for a skirt) and also can dangle downward for a side zipper on the front or back of a purse. YKK is the best brand to me- very sturdy. And a nylon #5 (size 5) is a slightly larger size and pulls much easier than a metal zipper and tons of colors. The bigger size also has the wider tape so it gives you more room to work with, you can leave a little bit more exposed tape so the teeth never catch in the crochet.

  29. Tess Says:

    I love this purse!

    Do you think if I bought this pattern that I’d be able to make it bigger with some adjustments ?

    I love large purses, especially since I have a non verbal child and need to be able to have her tablet device in my bag so she can communicate with me.

  30. P. Nicole Says:

    I really love this bag. Is it possible to share the free pattern?

  31. rc hobbies online Says:

    I have read so many content regarding the blogger lovers but this
    post is in fact a pleasant post, keep it up.

  32. Victoria Says:

    Hi Carrie,
    I really love this purse! May I ask you how many meters of thread will I need to make this purse? I would love to order it from ebay US and they sell 1 spool — 180 meters. I will need to pay for the international postage and that is why I really need to know how many spools to buy? Sorry but I have no idea how to crochet bags. So many thanks!

  33. J. Palese Says:

    Thank you so very much for the purse pattern. Thank you, also, for the clear and complete instructions on how to put in zipper and line my purse. I am very happy with purse and accessories.

  34. Peggy Says:


    I love this purse. I tried making a different one but for some reason it didn’t come out right. The one thing is, I am currently unemployed due to a medical issue and have been crocheting to keep my mind off of things. Do you know if there is any place where I can get a similar pattern that takes a 9″ zipper.

  35. ellen lau Says:

    i really love this purse,can i get this pattern ?

    many thanks

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