Update on Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt

This has been really fun to piece so far. I am hand-piecing for the first time and really like it. Slower, but definitely works better for a hexagon quilt. I am not sure how big I want to make this, so I am stuck for the moment.


3 Responses to “Update on Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt”

  1. Adeline Alvarez Says:

    I love love love this quilt. It’s December 27, 2008 I hope it’s finished so I can buy it. I imagin e it most take almost alifetime to finish.


  2. carrie Says:

    Oh gosh, I wish I was done but not even close. I am thrilled you like it!!

  3. Knittabitta Says:

    Did you finish this quilt?

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