water bowl mystery solved

Ever since we got Theo just over a year ago, he has been really weird about drinking out of his water bowl, much preferring puddles and causing us to worry about his level of hydration. Finally the lightblub went on today as we watched Theo hesitantly approach his bowl, bob his head up and down, then back away even though he was panting and clearly thirsty. Dean, in a flash of brilliance, used Temple Grandin’s method of getting down on the level of the animal, to see what they see, and lo and behold when he got down close to the water bowl, its shiny stainless steel surface caused a reflection in the bottom. Poor Theo has been freaked out by the other black dog in the water bowl for a year now! We have always known that he does not like reflections, but it took us this long to put the two together. Temple, we owe you one

2 Responses to “water bowl mystery solved”

  1. Dad Says:

    Great catch. I want to know, Did Dean take a drink when he saw himself in the bowl?

  2. carrie Says:

    But of course!

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