New Pincushion Design

Can you tell it does not feel like the holidays here in TX? We have been in the mid-80’s and I am having a hard time coming up with holiday cold-weather designs! Pincushions are what I have been designing lately, I love how they look in my needlework basket but also just sitting and looking pretty on the shelf above my desk in my office. I am trying to figure out some more 3D designs – the butterflies are awesome but take forever to put together.

Carrie Wolf Needlepoint, New Pincushion and Work Basket 1207

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  1. Chris Shaner Says:

    The new pincushion design is so wonderful. I could see it worked in snowflake colors and used as a holiday ornament, with a ribbon loop in one corner. I can see it in endless color combinations to resemble different flowers. Congratulations on your work.

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