Freezy birdy day

This has been the best birding day in the yard since we have moved here. The temp is dropping steadily – about 32 right now and we have seen birds this morning that we have never had in the yard before. Here is the list as of 12:30p.
1) Golden Fronted Woodpecker – black oil sunflower seed from blue feeder, hanging seed cake
2) Northern Cardinals – sunflower and special mix
3) Chipping Sparrow – sunflower,special mix, millet feeder, and hanging seed cake
4) House Sparrow – sunflower
5) Female House Finch – male must be somewhere close – special mix
6) Tufted Titmice – sunflower and special mix
7) Black-capped chickadee – sunflower and hanging seedcake
8) American Goldfinch – flock of 10, had one mature male w/black cap, and one that had a white cap, but otherwise was marked as a male. One also had a very white tail. Have not had these prior to today.
9) White-Winged Dove – sunflower on ground
10) Mourning Dove – sunflower on ground – don’t normally see them as much as the White-Winged
11) American Robin – 2 male, 2 female out the side yard in the grass
12) Carolina Wren – all over – enjoying everything
13) Northen Mockingbird – out the side yard in the grass
14) Ruby-Crowned Kinglet – male – saw his red head crest clearly
15) Dark-Eyed Junco – Dean spotted them in the leaf litter beneath the Live Oak out back – two or more
16) Bewicks Wren – on the side of the house – flitting
17) Greater Roadrunner – Spotted him all poofed out sitting on a paver in front of the privet. He was so poofed out that I could barely recognize him. Spotted several times after hunting the privet.

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