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I watched this past week, probably one of the most encouraging pieces I have seen in a long time – Moyers on America – “Is God Green?” When I saw that title, I thought maybe, finally, this is what I have been waiting for. Some support from the religious right for the environment. I have never quite understood how Christians could vote for a party that believes the planet is here for our consumption (to make money) when according to Christian belief, the planet is God’s creation, and perhaps even an embodiment of God himself. I do understand however, that in our dysfunctional political system, in order for Christians to vote for other issues that they believe in such as Pro-Life, they have to vote republican.

This leads to the grayness that is in every issue, every belief, every idea, that political parties and the media try to force into being black or white. I have never registered to vote. The reason for this, is that I do not believe that my vote will truly count for exactly what I believe in. Only if we are given the ability to vote on each specific issue, rather than for a party that represents a basket of issues (some we may like, some we may not like), will I let my vote be counted. I have never been one to ascribe to the notion of the “lesser of two evils”. If those are my choices – I choose none and I choose not to participate. I love it when people say that if you do not vote, you therefore should not voice your opinion on politics. Bullshit. I think it is the people that can step out of the paradigm and take a truly objective view, that have the most valuable things to say.

Watch this piece – it is pretty amazing to see these people have a revelation about the environment and it is encouraging. It does also scare me in that it is only when their pastor starts preaching pro-environment sermons on the pulpit, that they come to see what the “tree-huggers” have been seeing all along. Why can’t people think for themselves?

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  1. Kate Says:

    Great article! Miracles do happen if Pat Robinson even saw the light as the post-script to the article states. You have a not right wing, but yet fundamentalist,evangelical Christian grandma who taught her liberal Christian daughter to love Nature who,I am happy to say, taught her daughter, a Seeker,the same.

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