About gravity, symmetry, balance, duality and evolution and 2

Gravity has played a huge role in human and all natural evolution. This I believe is the cause for the symmetry that exists, the balancing necessary for our bodies and all other natural things to function properly on earth. So would it not make sense then, that everything that humans create or select through preference – also has a sense of symmetry – since that is what is all around us? We have all seen the studies that have been done on the “attractiveness” of a more symmetrical face to a less. It is what our brain inherently tells us is the correct way for things to be. So, if everything on this planet is more or less symmetrical, or balanced due to the affects of gravity, then this leads me back to the human need for 2 predominant types of everything. We seem to have the tendancy to view things as two opposing, two symmetrical, two sided, two choices, when thinking about the world around us.

So, if this is “duality” is our natural tendancy, than here is a societal example of where we have gone wrong.

One president: although we have two predominant political parties, why is it that we only have one actual president? Why not two co-presidents, one from each party, so there is a balance? Oh, then nothing would ever get accomplished the naysayers would say. There would be no agreement between the two presidents, and their ideas would cancel one anothers out. This is just the kind of argument that leads me back to stating that human beings have the natural tendancy to view things as having only two sides. Black or white, right or wrong, true or false. These are the overlying parameters that we live by and we attempt to set up laws and morailty based on this, when we all know that there is much more subtlety to life than this. Is it just too hard to take better advantage of the “grayness” that exists?

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