evolution to 2 theory

I am sure someone has already pondered this and it may be just ridiculously obvious to everyone but me, but I have just come across the thought that everything that is affected by human preference is subjugated to having only 2 predominant types. My evolution to 2 theory is: everything that is affected by human preference over time evolves into two predominant types.

Here are some examples of our physical evolution:
Type of chromosomes: x and y or
Type of sex: male and female
Sides of our brain: left and right
Number of eyes, ears, nostrils, lungs, kidneys, legs, arms, hands, feet, the list goes on and on: 2

Here are some examples of human preference:
Most popular pet: dog and cat
Most popular political party in us: democrat and republican
Most popular religion in the world: christianity and islam
Most popular soft drink: coke and pepsi
Most popular type of meat: beef and chicken
Most popular seasoning: salt and pepper
Most popular condiment: ketchup and mustard
Most popular cell phone company: cingular and verizon
Most populated country: china and india
Computer types: pc and mac
Sides of a coin: heads and tails
Responses: yes and no, true and false
Morality: right and wrong, good and bad, yin and yang, guilty and innocent
Directional: up and down, left and right, front and back

So some of my questions on this topic are:
Is this just a load of bs?
What other examples can be thought of that support this theory?
What about things that have evolved to just one? Are there any? Why? How?
Where does “nothing” fit into this theory?
What about things that have two main types, but a third is close at its heels – like religion and our american political parties?
Does the evolving of two types create a third type? Or one type?
Is there a way to predict the outcome of the struggle to become one of the main two or the ultimate one of things?
What are the impacts of this theory on the advertising industry? auto industry? all industries?
How does the validity of this theory impact our perception of the world around us?
Is god the ultimate one that we as humans are striving for?
Is having children the ultimate one that we as humans are striving for?
Are there only two predominant types, simply because there will always be a second-most popular competing with a most popular to be the most popular?
Is this the meaning of human life? If I correlate meaning to mean ultimate goal?
Is this symmetry all just due to gravity?

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